Like Iodine I am stained, an Evil Angel. But I Will Not Bow. I will Blow You Away, for I am Unbreakable. The Misfit in this Rebirthing. I’m Closer To The Edge. I’m Alive, as a Stranger In A Strange Land. But This Is War, and it’s Our Solemn Hour. I’m the Angel With A Shotgun. You can’t take My Freedom, for I am the Unknown Soldier. One of the Kings And Queens that wants to be Wrapped In Your Arms. Even if my Whispers In The Dark are Unforgivable. I will not Hide.

|| I’m not really sure just where this came from…but i’m extremely proud of it given i usually suck a poetry. I guess I’ve been dealing with alot of crap at home, and I have to remind myself to get up, brush myself off, and keep fighting. Keep moving on, cause things get better.

(Or Iv’e been reading too many post apocalyptic fanfiction and roleplay XD)

Anyway, have a beaten up Tobi, a classic rebel without a cause. ||

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