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He knew that she had taken his disappearance pretty hard, which is why he had to find her as quickly as he could. With the help of Orcus' omnisphere, he was transported to her dimension with relative ease. Not wasting any time, he ran up to her door and urgently knocked on it. Then, he waited. He hoped to heaven that she was alright.

Tobi was heavily focused on her work, so when a knock came to the door she jumped, almost dropping her welding torch but managing to catch it at the last second.

"Oh, for the love of- Let them in, B.E.C."

And promptly the door slid open for the titan, though the lombax had her back to him, her tail flicking as she finished her work before the torch was shut off, goggles lifting from her eyes and tossed aside, “Alright pal, what’s the big idea with-“

As soon as Tobi turned around, ready to chew out whoever had interrupted her abruptly, she clammed up, jumping a bit and gripping the workstation’s tabletop behind her for support as her eyes bugged and fur standing on end. No. No it couldn’t have been. She must’ve overdosed with the painkillers or something because now, she was seeing things?

No. She could tell when she was hallucinating, and she wasn’t. This was real.

And he was here.

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"…I’m not leaving. I’m taking a shortcut.”

Honestly the lombax was surprised that the impath could keep in touch with her even after this distance, the Great Clock coming into view, the exact center of the universe.

"If you want, you guys can go ahead and destract ‘em. I’m going to land a couple of personal hits…he has it coming. Raptor can take care of things with me not there.”

As her ship hovered to a landing, she was waiting for a scolding or heart wrenching "What would Tyson do" from the human still no doubt in her head.

“That’s what we’re going to do, but what are you planning to do?” she asked.  “I’m not going to tell you what he would do, or what you should do.  All I will say is that whatever you choose to do is up to you. You carry that with you.”

"…I’m at the Great Clock, basically a space station set in the exact Center of the Universe. It can open temporal and dimensional rifts if the caretaker plays his cards right. Which I know he will. He’s a good friend of mine, anyway."

The lombax jumped out of the ship, a part of her starting to like the fact that she had company with her, even if it was a voice in her head, “If you want to stick around, you can. You can give me updates on the Clockwork’s status, maybe? You guys might get in before I do, so I guess I’ll have to make an entrance.

…You’re gonna tell Garth aren’t you?”

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The Space We Live In (x)

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Tobi had her goggles over her face, her brows furrowing as she worked hard at a workstation, one of the bigger ones of her Hanger.

| Ma'am, are you sure this will work? |

"Nope. But I’ve had a few breakthroughs so hopefully this will get somewhere. I just had to get it off the blueprint eventually."

| But why? |

Tobi paused, hesitating before glancing upwards as she pulled her goggles over her head, “Hm?”

| Why do you invent such a thing? This unit is simply curious. |

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|| Well don’t jinx it dangit ||

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