Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up’ for my character’s reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them.



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"Hey, Odd."



"How’s it been going? I haven’t seen you in a loooong time. Where’d you go?"

"I…had to get away for a while. I went offworld to clear my head. I really really needed it."

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"…I’ve never appreciated silence so much til I spent a week and a half without  Y O U . “


"Oh how I’ve missed your grating voice~" The witch laughed and spun into the air.

"Did you have fun?" 

"Not as much fun as you’re going to have…”

And the lombax promptly threw out a groovitron and walked off, clearly not in the mood for any of the nether’s **** after she just got back.

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"I missed ya Tobi" Claudia said with a smile, glad to see her feline friend back after such a while.

"Hey Claudz. How’s our favorite plauge doctor doing lately, if I may ask?"

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"Hey, Tobes! Long time no see!"

"Ratchet. Good to see a friendly face after a while."

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I missed you Tobi~ Killing just isn’t the same without you! Besides Kira is far too annoying to be my greatest enemy.” 

The witch snickered evilly as she clasped her hands together. “In fact, you just showed up at the perfect time! There’s something I’ve been dying to show you.” 

"…I’ve never appreciated silence so much til I spent a week and a half without  Y O U . “

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"Hey you’re back!!" he grins.

"Hey, Odd."

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Cue Kira running to Tobi and hugging her tightly.

"You know I have!"


Tobi staggered back, gritting her teeth as she tried to keep her balance, before she was then embraced by the princess. There was a pause, before her own arms went around her, and she hugged Kira back with a small smile.

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*tackles and never lets go*

The lombax yelped and promptly fell over, her arms going around the other feline.

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